Paper: A User Friendly ATN Programming Environment (APE)

ACL ID C86-1094
Title A User Friendly ATN Programming Environment (APE)
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

In Grenoble, thls problem is solved with held of transcriptions. Here we present a language (LT) designed to the rapid writing of passage from one transcription to another (transducers) and give some examples of its use. KEY-WORDS Transcriptions, transducers, multi-alphabet text processing, logical and physical processing of texts. INTRODUCTION In the general framework or natural language processing, the possibilities of interfaces provtded by the current devices are rather poor, when censtder|ng~ for example, the number of alphabets to be used. The problem of uppercase/lowercase letters, that of non-latin alphabets, not mentioning ideograms, is UsUally solved by the use of transcriptions in computer science circle dealing wlth natural languages . Our idea is to provide a rather ...