Paper: PeriPhrase: Lingware For Parsing And Structural Transfer

ACL ID C86-1092
Title PeriPhrase: Lingware For Parsing And Structural Transfer
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

PeriPhrase is a high-level computer language developed by A.L.P. Systems to facilitate parsing and structural transfer. It is designed to speed the development of cc~puter-assisted translation systems and grammar checkers. We describe the syntax and semantics of this tool, its integrated development environment, and some of our experience with it. I. IntroductiGn Up to 80% of the time needed to develop a new language pair for coni0uter translation is spent in writing source-language analysis and transfer programs. The PeriPhrase language and development environment were created to allow a computational linguist to write such programs more quickly, using high-level rules that are easily written, read, and debugged. The syntax of PeriPhrase was heavily influenced by its predecessor "PHRASE,"...