Paper: Towards The Automatic Acquisition Of Lexical Data

ACL ID C86-1091
Title Towards The Automatic Acquisition Of Lexical Data
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

Creating a knowledge base has always been a bottleneck in the implementation of AI systems. This is also true for Natural I,anguage Understanding (NhU) systems, particularly [or data-driven ones. While a perfect system for automatic acquisition of all sorts of knowledge is still far from being realized, partial solutions are possib]e. This holds especial] y for ]exica] data. Nevertheless, the task is not trivial, in particular when deal :i ng with ] anguages rich in inflectional forms like German. Out system is to be used by persons with no specJ<]c linguistic knowledge, thus linguistic expertise ]]as been put int:o the system to ascertain correct clas!ifJcation o[ words. C]assJ lication is done by means of ~I small rule ba~ed sy'stem wJ th i ex] ca] know] edge and ] anguage -speci fic hou...