Paper: Processing Clinical Narratives In Hungarian

ACL ID C86-1087
Title Processing Clinical Narratives In Hungarian
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

IIHs pape]' describes a systemU~at extracl:s in1:ormal:ion lrom 14urlgarlan descriptive texLs o£ medical domain. lexLs of cZinJca] nam'atJves defim; a sublanguao e that uses ]imite.d synLax bui: holds the main character- istJcs o£ t:he language, namely #roe word order and r;ich mm'pho]ogy. We offer a fairly general parsirlo method for :[ree word orde£ ]anguaoes and the way how to use ~-1: for parsing Hungarian c]in~ca] texts, lhe system can hand]e si.mple cases e[ el.]ipses, anaphoT'a, Luqknown woFd8 al/{] LypJ ca:[]ons ef e] ] n:iea] practice. lhe system trans].ates texts {d! anamneses, paLJeet v:isiLs, ]ahoral:ory l:esl:s, medlcai examinations aed discharge sumnlaries Jnl:o an JnJ:ornlaL]on :[ormaL u'.~abZI.u for a ined]ea:l exper I: aystem. Szm:i.] aKly to Lhis expert sys...