Paper: Temporal Relations In Texts And Time Logical Inferences

ACL ID C86-1083
Title Temporal Relations In Texts And Time Logical Inferences
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986
  • Jurgen Kunze (Academy of Sciences of the DDR, Berlin Germany)

A calculus is presented which allows an efficient treatment of the follow- ing components: Tenses, temporal conjunc- tions, temporal adverbials (of "definite" type), temporal quantifications and phases. The phases are a means for structuring the set of time-points t where a certain propo- sition is valid. For one proposition there may exist several "phase"-perspectives. The calculus has integrative properties, i. e. all five components are represented by the same formal means. This renders possible a rather easy combination of all informations and conditions coming from the aforesaid components. I. Prerequisits We assume that propositions are replaced by phase-sets: A proposition R is something which is true or false at each point t of the time axis U: Value(R,t) = T(rue) or F(alse). A ph...