Paper: Pragmatics In Machine Translation

ACL ID C86-1078
Title Pragmatics In Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

PRAGMATICS IN MACHINE TRANSLATION Annely Rothkegel Universit~t Saarbr~cken Sonderforschungsbereich 100 Elektronische Sprachforschung D 6600 Saarbr~cken West-Germany TEXAN is a sysLem of bransfer,.oriented text analysis. Its linguistic concept is based on a communicative appY'oacll within the framework of speech act theory. In this view texts are considered to be the result of linguistic actions° It is assumed that they control the selection of translation equivalents. The trans- ition of this concept of linguistic actions (text acts) to the model of computer analysis is performed by a context-free illocution grammar processing cate- gories of actions and a propositional structure of states of affairs. The grammar whicll is related to a text lexicon provides the connection of these catego-...