Paper: Linguistic Developments In EUROTRA Since 1983

ACL ID C86-1070
Title Linguistic Developments In EUROTRA Since 1983
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

principles, seen as a theory of MT providing a framework within which possible substantive theories for TBMT could be devised and compared. The weakness of the framework was to seek to motivate the tools inherited from BETA a-posteriori. Its merit was to be a partial theory of TBMT, independent of the inheritance. Its major concern was directed at elucidating the division of labour between AN, TRF and OEN, and at deriving implications on T. from this understanding. The pivotal principles of the framework that have survived the many face lifts of the Eurotra model are i soduidy_ and Q-d~E~D~.g!2. The principle of isoduiy allowed for a principled definition, in terms of properties of T,. , of the domain of the GEN relation of some language in terms of the nodomain of the AN relation for that...