Paper: Domain Dependent Natural Language Understanding

ACL ID C86-1062
Title Domain Dependent Natural Language Understanding
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

Furthermore, cases show semantic relationships between proposition types and abstract concepts. cepts. The case system (set of cases) is chosen in a somewhat adhoc way. The cases, which are supposed to be necessary in order to describe the domain of thermodynamic exercises, are included. The cases and their use are explained below : object object being affected by an action or event, or being described. instr instrument for action. stuff materia force the thing or event forcing an action. action action being referred to. attr physical attribute. referent the object being referred to in a description. reason reason for event. direction direction of change. descr description of object. spatiaLloc "spatial location", includes a object, which describes a physical location, a relation to the lo...