Paper: Text Analysis And Knowledge Extraction

ACL ID C86-1057
Title Text Analysis And Knowledge Extraction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

This paper describes tile outline of a method of knowledge extraction from a longer text which needs a global tex analysis. The kinds of texts ~e expository texts ~) or explanation texts-'. Expository texts described here mean those which have various hierarchical headings such as a title, a heading of each section and sometimes an abstract. In this deEinJtion, most of texts, including technical papers reports and newspapers, are expository. Texts of this kind disclose the main knowledge in a top-down manner and show not only the location of an attribute value in a text but also severn[ key points of the content. This property of expository texts contrasts with that of novels and stories in which an unexpected development of the plot is preferred. This paper pays attention to such characte...