Paper: Conceptual Lexicon Using An Object-Oriented Language

ACL ID C86-1053
Title Conceptual Lexicon Using An Object-Oriented Language
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

This paper describes the construction of a lexicon representing abstract concepts. This lexicon is written by an object-oriented language, CTALK, and forms a dynamic network system controlled by object-oriented mechanisms. The content of the lexicon is constructed using a Japanese dictionary. First, entry words and their definition parts are derived from the dictionary. Second, syntactic and semantic information is analyzed from these parts. Finally, superconcepts are assigned in the superconcept part in an object, static parts to the slot values, and dynamic operations to the message parts, respectively. One word has one object in a world, but through the superconcept part and slot part this connects to the subconcept of other words and worlds. When relative concepts are accumulated, the ...