Paper: Kind Types In Knowledge Representation

ACL ID C86-1051
Title Kind Types In Knowledge Representation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

Tiffs paper describes Kind Types (KT), a system which uses commonsense knowledge to reason about natural language text. KT en- codes some of the knowledge underlying natural language understanding, including category distinctions and descriptions dlffercntiating real-world objects, states and events. It embeds an ontology reflecting the ordinary person's top-level cognitive model of real-world distinctions and a data- base of prototype descriptions of real-world entities. KT is transportable, empirlcally-based and constrained for efficient reasoning in ways similar to human reasoning processes. I. The problem A model of the semantic knowledge of concepts underlying natural language is definitional rather than assertlonal in that it contains general descriptions of objects and their relatio...