Paper: A Simple Reconstruction Of GPSG

ACL ID C86-1050
Title A Simple Reconstruction Of GPSG
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986
  • Stuart M. Shieber (SRI International, Menlo Park CA; Stanford University, Stanford CA)

Like most linguistic theories, the theory of generalized phrase structure grammar (GPSG) has described language axiomati- cally, that is, as a set of universal and language-specific con- attaints on the well-formedncss of linguistic elements of some sort. The coverage atttl detailed analysis of English grammar in the ambitious recent volume by Gazdar, Klein, Pullum, and Sag enti- tled Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar [2] are impressive, in part because of the complexity of the axiomatic system developed by the authors. In this paper, we examine the possibility that simpler descriptions of the same theory can be achieved through a slightly different, albeit still axiomatic, method. Rather than characterize the well-formed trees directly, we progress in two stages by procedurally charact...