Paper: Discourse And Cohesion In Expository Text

ACL ID C86-1043
Title Discourse And Cohesion In Expository Text
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

[to allow the user to deal with the data] as the computer stores the data. In this sense, C13 the DBMS acts as C14 an interpreter for a lfigh-level programming language, C15 ideally allowing the user to specify what must be done, with little or no attention on the user's part C16 to the detailed algorithms or data representation used by C17 the system. $5 D However, C18 in the case of a DBMS, D there may be far less C19 relationship between the data as seen by the user and ...[the data] as stored by the computer D than C20 ...[the relationship] between, say, arrays as defined in a typical programming language and the representation of those arrays in memory. While space does not permit a detailed description of the analysis of this text, below is a summarization of the final result of such...