Paper: Transfer And MT Modularity

ACL ID C86-1025
Title Transfer And MT Modularity
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

The t cansfer components of typical second generation (G2) MT systems do not fully conform to the principles o~ G2 modularity, incorporating extensive target language information while failing to separate translation facts from linguistic theory. The exclusion from transfer of all non-contrastive information [eads us to a system design in which the three major components operate in parallel, rather than in seqnence. We also propose that MT systems be designed to allow translators to express their knowledge in natural metalanguage statements. I. Modularity: a Basic Principle of G2 S~stems Modularity is a defining characteristic of second genera ti.on machine translation systems (hereafter C2 MT). G2 systems are claimed to be based on a mode] in which linguistic descriptions are clearly sepa...