Paper: The Transfer Phase Of Mu Machine Translation System

ACL ID C86-1021
Title The Transfer Phase Of Mu Machine Translation System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

sh translation system. The implementations of the whole system has already been completed and the trans]atJon results (i0,000 sentences) are now being evaluated by professional translators and native speakers of Eng] ish. ']'he evaluation results obtained by now are quite sati sfac tory. The descri ption in the form-oriented dictionaries discussed in this abstract are currently prepared for abou 74,000 nouns and 5,000 verbs and adjectives. 9 Post-Transfer Phase The structures which reflect the characteristics of Japanese are transformed into more natural structures in English at this phase. Some o~ the typical transformation are given below. (]) Deletion of causative verbs : Causative constructions are often used in Japanese to express events which can simply be expressed by using transiti...