Paper: Methodology And Verifiability In Montague Grammar

ACL ID C86-1019
Title Methodology And Verifiability In Montague Grammar
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

Nethodological problems in Men[ague Grammar are discussed. Our observations show that a model-theoretic approach to natural language semantics is inadequate with respect to its verifiability from logical point of view. But, the formal attitudes seem to be of use for the development in computational linguistics. O..introductlon In this paper we discuss the methodology of verifiability taken by researchers on model-theoretic semantics for natural language such as ~ontague ~rammar. Though Montague grammar (hereafter MG) has been developing since the publication of Montague[lO], there has been few serious studies of its 'sense' and methodology. Ne take the purpose of semantics to be as follows. I •, (a) To define a meanLng. (b) To define a 'meaning' of certain linguist-it expressions. (c) To...