Paper: Plurals Cardinalities And Structures Of Determination

ACL ID C86-1013
Title Plurals Cardinalities And Structures Of Determination
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

This paper presents an approach for processing incomplete and inconsistent knowledge. Beais for atteoking these prob]ems are 'structures of determination', which are extensions of Scott's approximation ]atticea taking into consideration some reguirements from natural language processing and representation of knowledge. The theory developed is exemplified with processing plural noun phrases referring to objects which have to be understood as classes or cots. Referential processes are hand]ed by processes on 'Referential Nets', which ere a specific knowledge structure developed for the representation of object-oriented know]edge. Problems of determination with respect to cardinaIity assumptions are emphasized. I. Introductory remarks Most approaches to 'proceesing reference' are concerned wi...