Paper: Testing The Projectivity Hypothesis

ACL ID C86-1011
Title Testing The Projectivity Hypothesis
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

The empirical validity of the projeetivity hypothesis for Bulgarian is tested. It is shown that the justi- fication of the hypothesis presented for other lan- guages suffers serious methodological deficiencies. Our automated testing, designed to evade such defi- ciencies~ yielded results falsifying the hypothesis for Bulgarian: the non-projective constructions stu- died were in fact grammatical rather than ungrammati- cal, as implied by the projeetivity thesis. Despite this, the projectivity/non-projectivity distinction itself has to be retained in Bulgarian syntax and, with some provisions, in the systems for automatic processing as well. 1 THE PROJECTIVIrY HYPOTHESIS Projectivity is word order constraint in depen- dency grammars, which is analogous to continuous con- stituency within phr...