Paper: User Models: The Problem Of Disparity

ACL ID C86-1006
Title User Models: The Problem Of Disparity
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

A signific~mt component of a user raodel in au infornration-seeking dialogue is tim task-related plazl motivating the information-seeker's queries. A number of researchers have Irmdeled the plan inference process and used these models to design more robust natural language interfaces. However in each case, it has been assumed that the system's context model and the plan under construction by the information-seeker are never at variance. This paper addre~es the problem of disparate plans. It presents a four phase approach and argues that hmldling disparate plans requires an enriched context model. This model nmst permit tile addition of companents suggested by the information-,'~eeker but not fully supported by the system's domain knowledge, and must differentiate mnong its com- ponents acc...