Paper: Lexicon - Grammar: The Representation Of Compound Words

ACL ID C86-1001
Title Lexicon - Grammar: The Representation Of Compound Words
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

view of language; - ~;emantically, tw defied)on, compoond utterances cannot be decomposed into simple utterances', in other terms, meaning is not compositional fer c(a'npoends, fleece, in a certain sense, one has to recognize that meaning has not nuJch to do with words; - syntactically, it has become a rather general hatlit to attach properties 1o individual words, In the case of compounds this mode of representation is no longer possible: Why privilege one part of a compound with marks rather than some other part? For example, there is no reason to attach the Passive marking to the verb rather than to either of the complements of the utterance to put the cart before the horse, Lexicon-grammar representations eliminate such questions by dolocalizing the syntactic information and by attachi...