Paper: Some Informational Languages And Models - A Semantic View

ACL ID C82-2068
Title Some Informational Languages And Models - A Semantic View
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

episemia (elementary and complex), and thus as elementary models, only for an (advised) recipient capable of usin~ certain -elgorithm8 m for replse- lng symbols by constant signs or of transferring them into signs of natural language. The icon and symptom act as episemia for an advised recipient • We can imagine a number of logical or arithmetical languages which can operate - each with regard to all others - as metala.nguages. At the same time, translation algorithm may sometimes be rather complex in view of tyDolozica~ differences between such systems, e•g. in the bicipher (two- figure) numeral notation, syntactical synergy and line~ arrangement of plemes are encountered in a very profuse mea- sure when compared to, for example, the decimal notation where the symbol O when placed to ...