Paper: BEDE: A Microprocessor-Based Machine Translation System

ACL ID C82-2066
Title BEDE: A Microprocessor-Based Machine Translation System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

inter- lingual representation. These trees serve as input to syn- thesis, where they are reazTan~ed into valid surface structur- es for the target ~age. The source text is translated sentence by sentence (or equivalent). Text is first s.ubJeoted to a two-sta~e morpholog- ical analysis. In the first stage the text is compared word by word with a stop-list of frequently occurring words (most- ly function words)! words not found in the stop-list undergo morphological analysis, again on a word by word basis. Morpho- logical rules form a finlte-state grammar of affix-strlpping rules (°A rules') and the output is a chart with labelled arcs indicating lexical item and possible interpretation of stripped affixes, as confirmed by dictionary look-up. The morphological analysis phase also creates a ...