Paper: Automatic Translation Through Understanding And Summarizing

ACL ID C82-2043
Title Automatic Translation Through Understanding And Summarizing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

ng, indexing, making inferences, etc. In such a system translation is realized through building text informat- ion representation (IR). The task requires two types of ana- lysis: linguistic analysis (LA) and information analysis (IA) working in interaction, the latter being, in particular, able to refer to the automatic thesaurus. The ultimate aim of LA is the building of sentence semantic representation (SR). It is important that for each individual sentence its SR Is con- structed as a function of the IR of the whole text. (The cur- rent version of the system does not operate with the whole text but is limited for each sentence with Its more or less immediate context). Linguistic analysis calculates morpholog- ical structure for words, syntactic and semantic structures for sentences. Eac...