Paper: Generalized Syntactic Relations And Substantional Attributes

ACL ID C82-2011
Title Generalized Syntactic Relations And Substantional Attributes
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

sez~utio network for meaning represent- ation &u~ented with gremma~ tnfo~natton, - 49 - The vocabulary article contains the following: a) a reference to supernotion! all information from supernotion is relevant to actual notion, if it isn't explicit- ly euperoeded. The "notion-supernotion" relation imposes hierarchical structure on the set of notions. b) a list of the notion's attributes with corresponding Generalized Syntactic Relations (GSR). The set of all GSRs forms the Eralmar used in an~ysis. The GSR attached to attrib- ute must hold for the words (or phrases) of the NL text, the first (master) referring an instance of the notion, the second (slave) referring to the attribute value. E.g. for-Russian, the ~RECEI~ENT attribute of ~GIVE would have a GSR demanding the slave to be an inst...