Paper: Toward A Parsing Method For Free Word Order Languages

ACL ID C82-2008
Title Toward A Parsing Method For Free Word Order Languages
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

of /3/. - 37 - 2. The Notion of S.~t_ax. In this paper, we understand syntax as the domain of forr~al relations between words, i.e. roughly as so-called surface syntax. We define the notion usin~ a morphology-based criterion, described below. The outcome of morphological analysis can be ambiguous for an isolated word. In most situations, however, the morpho- logical features of a word are uniquely determined by some formal properties of its context. Sometimes the ambiguity remains, as in the following sent enc e Op~nienie bryg~d piecowyoh spowodowa~o potgpienie wuJa Jana. 1 I I ! !,,. I ! ! I 1 "~ l~gen" V -'~ NPgen" ! 1 I 1 ~nom./aco. ~nom./ac£. There are five independent ambiguities in this sentence, yielding 32 coherent readings. Two of them are due to She neutralization of agent/patie...