Paper: Formalization Of Argumentation Structures In Newspaper Texts

ACL ID C82-1052
Title Formalization Of Argumentation Structures In Newspaper Texts
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

[,bre specifically~ How may bKIN-INCRFASE of NR-[rNEMPLOYED in OUTG~'~DR-JOBS e~,-plain CHANGE-I or CHANGE-2? Since $4 gave no contrary info_~aation, CHANGE-3'S TIb~-siot is filled with FEBRUARY which is the context default established by the preceeding sentences. If taken in isolation, NfLN-INCREASE for (XS'IDGOR-JOBS gives no direct,~y to infer the Overall SLIGhT-DECREASE stated with CH~NGE-Io But: Since these two changes are given as facts and since outdoor-jobs are a subset of all jobs~ ~ co~clude~ that there must have been an interfering DECREASE in (an)other part(s) of the jobmarket, and therefore c~eate an expectation E1 for subsequent information of this kind, by the rule IF (91obal result is: DECRFASE) & (local change isINCREASE or kAqN-DECRF~E) (expect: local DECRFI~E in other [~...