Paper: A Message-Passing Control Structure For Text Understanding

ACL ID C82-1049
Title A Message-Passing Control Structure For Text Understanding
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

These are written in a restricted style by by the attorneys and the topics are limited to solid-state micro-electronic devices. Thus we are able to use naturally occurring data without immediately confronting the problems of incomplete syntactic and conceptual coverage that would be encountered in many other domains. An example is: A modulator comprising two transistors each having collector, emitter and base electrodes, means for applying a direct voltage across said emitter electrodes, a center-tapped source of alternating signals connected between said base electrodes, said collector electrodes being connected together and to the center tap of said source. A load impedance connected between said collector electrodes and said emitter electrode of one of said transistors, and a variable r...