Paper: On A Semantic Model For Multi-Lingual Paraphrasing

ACL ID C82-1038
Title On A Semantic Model For Multi-Lingual Paraphrasing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

Filling up ACTOR and INSTR with ~PETER and ~CAR.001, respectively, instantiates 9c~gma A and then produces the instance "Peter drives". In CFL) two kinds of inference functions forr~he basis for logico-semantic lexical selection. Type 1. An implication test function acting on a combination of either an attribute yalue and an attribute condition, or one attribute condition and another attribute condition. Type 2. An association test function between depictions. Here, attribute condition is written by Boolean formula for semantic depictions. Type 2 function, which are realized by integrating Type I functions, can play a role in determining whether a semantic depiction is semantically identical to another or not. In natural language understanding) this facility is frequently used to de...