Paper: Markedness And Frequency: A Computational Analysis

ACL ID C82-1027
Title Markedness And Frequency: A Computational Analysis
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

y perceived), a claim which, in many instances, is realistically untenable. If we look at the English tense system, the problem becomes quite pronounced. In English, the function of the individual tense forms depends crucially on the lexical character of the verb or the structure of the verb phrase. Taking Vendler's influential classification of English verha ~ con- structions as our point of departure (Vendler 1957), it can be shown that le simple present exists, in English, in natural usage only for states. Jack loves Ma_a~, Peter hates to shave, Charles knows German, The Charles Bridge spans the Vltava river, are a-l-I descriptions of states. S---o are simple present tenses-of ve--er-~---who--o-se-basic semantic function is to denote activities: such a verb as speak, for example, requir...