Paper: Frame Based Recognition Of Theme Continuity

ACL ID C82-1011
Title Frame Based Recognition Of Theme Continuity
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

The concept of "frame" is that described in M. Minsky (1977). In the following sections the concepts of "theme" and "frame" are defined more explicitly and the manner in which the system relates them to each other is described. While the system is designed to operate on English text, comparisons will be made to Czech. THEMES Within the grammatical theory of the Prague School of Linguistics a sentence is composed of a minimum of two major constituents a "theme" ("topic") and a "rheme" ("comment"). (A sentence may also contain components which function as a transition between these two, but such components will not be discussed here). The theme rheme division of a sentence typically conforms, in non-contrastive environments, to the NP subject and VP major constituents of a sentence, with the...