Paper: Pragmatics In Speech Understanding - Revisited

ACL ID C82-1008
Title Pragmatics In Speech Understanding - Revisited
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

ons is represented in a group of schemata, which define the concepts of time, space, causality, goals and plans in their pragmatic dimension, i.e. in their relation to acting. In addition, a second group of schemata then provides the necessary domain specific knowledge, largely by specializing the general knowledge and augmenting it by particular knowledge about acting in the application domain. The PHAGMATICS module constructs a task model by starting with a description of the actual situatio~-~d--a-~nitial goal, which is refined during the following conversation by knowledge about PRAGMATICS IN SPEECH UNDERSTANDING-REVISITED 53 actions, in particular their (pre)conditions and effects. As the conversation goes on,.it builds a plan in terms of a sequence of actions to transform the descrip...