Paper: Interaction With A Limited Object Domain - ZAPSIB Project

ACL ID C80-1086
Title Interaction With A Limited Object Domain - ZAPSIB Project
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980
  • A. S. Narin'yani (USSR Academy of Sciences-Siberian Division, Novosibirsk USSR)

The report presents the basis principles of the ZAPSIB project aimed at the development of a modular series of linguistic processors designed for natural language (NL) interaction with applied data bases. The general structure of the ZAPSIB processors and functions of the main modules are dis- cussed, as well as technology of the pro- ject including problem of processors adaptation to an object domain of the in- teraction. I. Basic principles Launching the project the authors x) were aware of specialities of commercial sys- tems which are principally different in many respects from the experimental prog- rams developed as their prototypes at the beginning of the applicational direction of our NL works.7, 2 This position was implemented in the ba- sic principles of the project which could ...