Paper: Japanese Sentence Analysis For Automatic Indexing

ACL ID C80-1078
Title Japanese Sentence Analysis For Automatic Indexing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

(vii) Time Predicate verbs are classified by taking into account the meaning of the dominated words and their cases. (Figure 2) The sentence pattern table is constructed based on this predicate verb classification. (Figure 3) In the news retrieval system, about 5600 predicate verbs are classified into 586 classes; this classification is called case-information(A4-code). The sentence pattern table contains 1686 patterns. A Sentence pattern in the table is composed of four triplets at most. Elements of the triplet are the semantic class identification code of the noun word, kaku-joshi, and the "role" which is determined in terms of the values of the first two elements. For example "shihai-suru"(control) and "kogeki-suru"(attaek) belong to No.46 category. The predicate verb of this category h...