Paper: An Intelligent Digester For Interactive Text Processings

ACL ID C80-1076
Title An Intelligent Digester For Interactive Text Processings
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

Ihis paper outlines a practical approach to our project to design an intelligent system that supports an expert user for his understanding and representing news reports on a special world of the japanese computer industry. With the extensive help of the intelligent system the expert user purposefully assimilates new information in a knowledge data base of a frame-like representation through a multiple window interface. l.lntroduetion Recent computer application to the so-called office automation is characterized by the increasing use of intelligent software systems. These systems are often required to interface with textual information via users who are more or less trained or expertized to deal with the kinds of information to be processed. The ideal goal of such a text processing system ...