Paper: Active Schemata And Their Role In Semantic Parsing

ACL ID C80-1055
Title Active Schemata And Their Role In Semantic Parsing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

In the past years we have been applying semantic ATN-grammars - as introduced by Brown & Burton (1974) - to natural language question-answering tasks (e.g. a LISP-Tutor [Barth, 1977], s question-answering system about the micro-world of soccer [Rathke & Sonntag, 1979]). We found that semantic grammars execute efficiently, but become large very quickly even with moderate domains of discourse. We therefore looked for ways to support parsing by domain-dependent knowledge represented in an inheritance network [Lauhsch,IQTQT. In this paper we first briefly describe our representation language Ohjtalk, and then illustrate how it is used for building an understanding system for processing German newspaper texts about the jobmarket situation. keywords: newspaper processing, ATN, frames semantic gr...