Paper: Text Analysis Learning Strategies

ACL ID C80-1053
Title Text Analysis Learning Strategies
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

: TEXT ANALYSIS LEARAING STrATEGiES Pierre PLANTE Universit@ du Qu@bec ~ Montr@al APLEC (l'APrenti-LECteur - or Lear- ning Reader) is an extension of the D@- redec software, a programming system de- voted to the content analysis and lin- guistic treatment of texts. APLEC will associate automatically to any text descriptive grammar (TDG - Grammaire descriptive de texte) a ques- tion/answer module where the questions are asked in a given natural language by the user, and where the a~wers are tracked down in the textual corpus un- dergoing examination. The user's TDGs can inscribe them- selves at various levels of analysis (morphological, syntactical, semantical, logical,...), and it is a singular characteristic of the D@redec that it allows for a polyvalent treatment with- out interfaces, th...