Paper: Text Processing Of Thai Language The Three Seals Law

ACL ID C80-1049
Title Text Processing Of Thai Language The Three Seals Law
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

Computer softwares for processing Thai language are developed at National Museum of Ethnology,Osaka,Japan. We use a popular intelligent terminal TEKTRONIX 4051 for inputting and editing,IBM 370 model 138 for KWIC making and sorting, and CANON's laser beam printer for final output. Using these systems,"Kotmai Tra Sam Duang"(the Three Seals Law)which con- tains many kind of laws and ordinances proclaimed in Thai between 1350-1805 A.D. is computerized. This text has 1700 pages and about 1400000 letters. KWIC index becomes 200000 lines. Some statistical data for this text are obtained. They are occurrence fre- quency data of single letter,group vowel, and letter combination(digram),etc. Aknowledgements This report is a result of joint project at National Museum of Ethnology. The member are Y.I...