Paper: Soft Display Key For Kanji Input

ACL ID C80-1044
Title Soft Display Key For Kanji Input
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

The concept of a soft display key as applied to input of large character sets or vocabularies such as Kanji, the ancient Chinese ideographic script is discussed. The Japanese orthography and the necessity of using Kanji characters in data terminals are explained. Problems arising from the number and complexity of Kanji symbols for the manufacture and use of keyboard devices are stated. A review is made of devices and methods presently used or suggested. The feasibility of the soft display key is then demonstrated. Some requirements for the design and implementation of a soft display keyboard for Kanji are considered. In conclusion, implications to man/computer interface design, human factors engineering and hardware unification and standardization are stated. Keywords. Display key, soft p...