Paper: Linguistic Error Correction Of Japanese Sentences

ACL ID C80-1038
Title Linguistic Error Correction Of Japanese Sentences
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

This paper describes a newly developed lin- guistic error correction system, which can cor- rect errors and rejections of Japanese sentences by using linguistic knowledge. Conventional optical character readers (OCR) need human assistance to correct their recognition errors and rejections. An operator must teach the OCR correct answers whenever an illegible character pattern occurs. If this error correction operation is mechanized, the throughput of the OCR will increase. This linguistic error correction system of- fers means of automated error correction by an- alysing sentences of the OCR outputs linguisti- cally. This system grammatically selects legal letters from the candidates which can not be decided uniquely by pattern recognition only, and recommends grammatically and semantically...