Paper: An Analysis Of The Standard English Keyboard

ACL ID C80-1036
Title An Analysis Of The Standard English Keyboard
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

7. Further Discussions Briefly summarizing the observed results, we find that most of the conjectures stated about the dexterity of hand and finger motion is true for individual key pairs. However, the effect of these factors are not as pronounced as we first anticipated in the data, and taken as a whole, the data seemed to be quite dispersed. We attribute this to the effect of the context key pairs that work on them, and surmise that to think of a keying sequence merely as a juxtaposition of individual key pairs would not be sufficient, even at the physical level. At the mental level, it is well known that typing is not a collection of individual letter typing but a typing of a longer pattern as a unit. A typist takes commonly used syllables (e.g. "-tion", "-ing", "-tive", etc.), words, o...