Paper: Embedded Sublanguages And Natural Language Processing

ACL ID C80-1029
Title Embedded Sublanguages And Natural Language Processing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

Most recent systems for the large-scale intelligent processing of natural language texts are designed to accept only a restricted variety of language. In certain cases this restricted subseto of the language constitutes a sublan- guage, for which it may be possible to write a relatively precise and compact sublanguage grammar. Several research groups are cur- rently exploiting the restrictions in scientific and technical sublanguage grammars for tasks such as information retrieval and automatic translation. At present the notion of sublanguage is rather loosely defined, or variously understood. There is no rigorous procedure for determin- ing whether an arbitrary corpus of texts belongs to the same sublanguage, or deciding what the limits of grammaticality and acceptability for a given sub...