Paper: Relative Semantic Complexity In Lexical Units

ACL ID C80-1017
Title Relative Semantic Complexity In Lexical Units
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980
  • Bo Ralph (Goteborg University, Goteborg Sweden)

They are always, however, less complex than the corresponding simple verbs they derive from in the analysis. Considering the resemblance of these verbs to pronouns and other pro-forms, "pro-verb" would be a fitting term. Once the set of verbs to be used in paraphrases is established, it may also be employed for verbs with morphologically dissimilar paraphrases. For instance, ~iska 'to love' : hysa k~rlek I to feel love, may be classified together with other verbs of emotion. A similar mode of analysis may also be applied to such verbs as cannot be associated with paraphrases in any apparent way: drabba 'to afflict', h~mta 'to fetch', m~rka 'to notice', etc. As to the formats of the definitions, it is obvious that the paraphrases signal some fundamental properties of the paraphrased verbs, ...