Paper: Parsing And Syntactic Theory

ACL ID C80-1009
Title Parsing And Syntactic Theory
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

concepts (empty nodes, traces etc). for which there is no obvious psychological inter- pretation. Bresnan I presents an interesting alter- native: that proposals about the nature of grammar should be responsible to psycholinguis- tic evidence--to put it crudely, grammars should be 'psychologically real'. By this criterion, many constructions such as passives or infinitive phrases previously regarded as transformational are to be seen as generated directly by phrase-structure rules, with associated conditions on lexical insertion and relationships between lexical entries. Trans- formations for which there appears to be psy- cholinguistic evidence, like Wh-movement ll, remain, though under a different formulation than they receive under trace theory. Taken literally, the requirement of stron...