Paper: Computer-Aided Grammatical Tagging Of Spoken English

ACL ID C80-1005
Title Computer-Aided Grammatical Tagging Of Spoken English
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

The paper presents an outline of a system for grammatical tagging of the London-Lund Corpus of spoken English consisting of some 450 000 words. The material, all of which will be available on magnetic computer tape, and part of which is now available in both machine- readable and printed form, has been transcrib- ed orthographically with prosodic marking for tone units, nuclei, stresses, pauses, etc (see Samples 1 and Z). Whereas there is now con- siderable agreement on the usefulness of a tagged corpus, there is as yet no consensus on the best type of tagging, let alone the procedure involved. The analysis proposed here is of course specifically aimed at tagging spoken English, but should be largely applicable also to written English. The syntactic tagging will initially be based on surfa...