Paper: Automatic Pattern Recognition Applied To Semantic Problems

ACL ID C73-2012
Title Automatic Pattern Recognition Applied To Semantic Problems
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1973

ing at the phrase (word-group) level. The theory of semantic pattern recognition offers a number of concepts with their structural and functional particularities. First of all, these are concepts of 1) semantic space, as a certain semantic zone of the language; 2) semantic regions, as certain semantic subzones of this space; 3) distinguishing factors, those semantic elements in whose terms the semantic space is being formed; 4) pattern alphabet - a list of the region names and finally the concept of 5) semantic pattern itself. The semantic pattern is regarded to be the name of a particular region of the semantic space wherein information structure on pheno- mena of the outer world is reflected. This information structure is represented as an ordered set consisting of objects (as extra-lin...