Paper: Beyond The Feasibility Study: Lexicographic Progress

ACL ID C73-1028
Title Beyond The Feasibility Study: Lexicographic Progress
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1973

". Or, as in "requires a human or abstract complement" is indicated by a comma: TC(HU, AB). The comma also indicates ambiguity; for example, the English noun oper- ator has the features TY(HU, AB), which is to be read as " this noun is ambiguous; it is abstract in one reading, human in another ". Option- ality of complements is expressed by the value LA (lambda) with a comma, as in FC(A, LA), which reads "this verb (or adjective) takes an optional complement noun phrase in the accusative" 328 ANNETTE STACHOWITZ c) The additional restrictions consist at present mainly of tags indicating the subject area for those words which are restricted to or hav%special usage in such areas as zoology, law, music, etc. 2.4. Specific Features. At this point I would like to outline briefly what the specifi...