Paper: Deciphering Methods As A Means Of Linguistic Research

ACL ID C73-1017
Title Deciphering Methods As A Means Of Linguistic Research
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1973

and insufficient for identifying the object in a given text. The following scheme seems to be better founded: (1) Binary features are used to determine the general type of cer- tain linguistic objects. The objects belonging to that type form the set of admissible solutions of a deciphering problem. (2) An objective function which estimates the quality of each solution is introduced on the set of admissible solutions. The values of the objective function are calculated with the help of the investigated text. They reflect the individuality of the given language. 14 210 B.V. $UKHOTIN A maximum or a minimum of the objective function should cor,- respond to the linguistic object which is to be defined. (3) It follows that a recognition procedure should be an optimi- zation algorithm which finds...