Paper: Towards A Phonological Algorithm

ACL ID C73-1015
Title Towards A Phonological Algorithm
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1973

manifestation of a distinctive feature. So far it has nothing to do with phonetics; it is "a something" which keeps/d/and/t[ apart. We have detected different phonemes in go-d-a, go-t-a, but we do not yet know the status of the stem-final consonant in [goT]. A chain of simple arguments will convince us that this element is not a phoneme of the same rank as /d/or It/. Following the row goda, godu, godom, (o) gode (different oblique cases of god-o), we observe that the root is everywhere quite unambiguous. Only in the Nomi- native case we suddenly acquire a new meaning: [goT] is both god-O and got-O. A new meaning could not have sprung up, if one and the same phoneme went on alternating; consequently, the stem-final pho- nemes of goda-godu-godom-gode and god-O cannot be identical. On the oth...