Paper: Discourse Referents

ACL ID C69-7001
Title Discourse Referents
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

But it is not entirely clear what kind of embedded sentence should underly the surface object. There seems to be little evidence for deciding this question beyond the observation that it cer~cainly .~uld be some type of existential or possessive construction. struction. This is because of many noar paraphrases of the following type. (23) (a) John wants a car. -John warts to heve a car. (b) I suggest an immediate halt ir~ the bombing I suggest that there be an itrwr~diate halt in the bombing. t7- (c) I expect no change in the situation. I expect there to be no change in the situation. In some cases an existential paraphrase seems more natural, in • other" cases one prefers a possessive interpretation. Qbserve the difference between (23a) and (24a) and the two kinds ol = promising in (24b)...