Paper: Discourse Referents

ACL ID C69-6902
Title Discourse Referents
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1969

analysis of noun phrases first put forth by Emmon Bach and James D. NcCawley. That is, noun phrases must be considered as having an underlying variable which is bound by a quantifier similar to those in ordinary ~redlcate calculus. In this framework, it is a relatively sinple matter to describe the circumstances under which an indefinite NF establishes a discourse referent. - This happens in case the sentence bound by the ~uantlfler is asserted or presupposed to be true by the speaker. ~owever, there are some special cases that have to be recognized. These involve at least the following: (1) counterfactual conditional, (ii) modals, and (iii) quantifler-like adverbs, such as always, often, etc .